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Can't Find That Special Piece?

Start a custom woodworking project in Croghan & Watertown, NY

Bring your ideas to life with the area's top carpenter. Farney Construction offers custom woodworking services in Croghan & Watertown, NY and the surrounding area. Count on us for handcrafted chairs, tables, dressers, cabinets and more.

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Fill your home with custom furniture

If you're going to invest in new furniture, make sure it's an investment that will pay off. Consider ordering custom furniture if you want:

  • Better-quality products: You deserve top-notch craftsmanship and furniture that's built to last.
  • Something tailored to your space: Instead of searching for a piece that fits your home, get something that was designed for it.
  • Furniture that's suited to your style: Don't settle for someone else's design when you can see your ideas made real.
Learn more about custom furniture by calling our Croghan & Watertown, NY locations today.